Widest Waterfall in Europe – Ventas Rumbas – Latvia

With much needed rest i was off towards Riga,with no intention to be in Riga during the day though 🙂

Some beautiful landscapes on my way to Riga.

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For a change stopped at McD to have a meal high on cholesterol.Bypassed Riga and headed towards Kuldiga to have one on one encounter with the widest waterfall in Europe.Saw a board for Jaunmokas Pils,it was just few hundred meters away from the road..decided to take a quick look at it.It turned out to be a small but beautiful manor containing gothic and Jugendstil architectural elements in a red brick structure. The manor house was built to be the personal hunting lodge of George Armisted, the mayor of Riga.


I had heard a lot about Liepaja and the beautiful coast this city has.But due to shortage of time,i had to return from Kuldiga.Kuldiga has this widest waterfall in entire Europe popularly known as Ventas Rumba.

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Kuldiga is quite an old town and it’s features has been persevered in a very exemplary way.I parked my bike and walked around the town to savour some good memories.

IMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0838 IMG_0839

Spotted these beautiful dolls made of clothes next to the road leading to Kuldiga.It was in Sabile as far as i remember.Also found this gem lying around in the middle which tickled my motorcyclist fantasy to stop and lay my arse on the saddle.


I wasn’t the only who was affectionate about this Ural


I came back to Riga and left my bike at the airport.Had to go back to Helsinki for the rest of the week to work and plan for the next weekend of-course
Approximate charge for parking for 4 days was around 15 Euros with a free pick up and drop facility.


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